Glossary of Shinto Names and Terms: R

Reiha no hikari kyôkai 霊波之光教会


A Shintô-based New Religion. Established in 1956 by Hase Yoshio (1915-84). Headquarted in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture; reported membership is approximately 740,000.


reisai 例祭


seasonal festivals.

See Basic Terms of Shinto: Reisai.


Renmon-kyô 蓮門教


A Shintô-based New Religion founded by Shimamura Mitsu (1831-1904). Proselytizing for the gruop began in 1877, and it later operated under the Shintô Taisei-kyô, but suffered as a result of a newpaper campaign critical of the group. The group does not appear to be currently active.


Ryûjin 龍神


dragon kami.

A snake deified as a deity of water. It is petitioned in prayers for rain and other agricultural rituals. It is also thought of as the god of thunder and the god of the sea.