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Chen Lin-shu

Personal Data

Research Field: New religions, Religion and politics, Modernization and religion
Office: Religious Studies Institute,Sichuan Univ.
Office Address: Jiu Yan Giao, Chengdu Sichuan
Country: P.R.China
Office Phone: 583875-2533


(Oct 1, 1993)

Chen Lin-shu received his diploma and B.A. from the Department of Philosophy, Fudan University, but at a time when Western-type degrees were not conferred in China.

He worked as Assistant Professor and Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, Sichuan University from 1961 to 1979, and since then, he has been Associate Professor and Professor at the Institute of Religious Studies, Sichuan University.

CHEN is currently a member of the Committee of Academic Assessment under the state Educational Commission; the All-China Association of Religious Researchers; the Sichuan Association of Philosophical Workers; and the Chengdu Association of Natural Dialectics. His major works include Principles of Religious Studies (1986); Seven Major World Religions (1986), History of Biology (co-author, 1991); Sociology of Religion (chief editor, 1992); and Anthropology of Religion (co-author, 1993). In press is a work on atheism in the West, and he is currently writing a book on the history and theoretical practice regarding religious views. His hobbies and interests include sports and athletics, Western classical music, Chinese Qi-gon and shadow boxing, and Chinese and Western classical literature.

Recent Publications

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