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Conflict over Kyoto Skyline Rights


Executives of Kyoto Hotel submitted a plan to build a high-rise hotel some sixty meters tall, and their plan was approved by Kyoto's municipal government in February 1991. Members of the Kyoto Buddhists Association, however, expressed strong opposition to this plan, insisting that the hotel's height be reduced. The Buddhists' insistence has been based on their desire to preserve the traditional Kyoto skyline, characterized by numerous old temples and historical monuments. In November 1991 a compromise was reached between the two opposing sides, and the hotel builders promised to reduce the hotel's height to fifty meters. Hotel owners renounced their agreement in December, however, and expressed their intention to carry on with their original plan. The Buddhist Association has vowed to continue their opposition to the hotel, threatening to bar hotel patrons from visiting temple sights.

-- Jan 1, 1992, INOUE Nobutaka

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