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New President for Religions Association


The Shin Nihon Shukyo Dantai Rengokai (New Japanese Association of Religious Organizations) recently announced that the organization' s presidency would change from NIWANO Nikkyo to TAZAWA Kozaburo as of November, 1992. Niwano was elected president of the organization in 1965, following upon the first president MIKI Tokuchika.

Miki was the founder of PL Kyodan, while Niwano is the co-founder of Rissho Koseikai, and Tazawa is the successor to leadership of the group Shoroku Shinto Yamatoyama.

The Shin Nihon ShiSkyo Dantai Rengokai was established in 1951, primarily as a vehicle for promoting organized cooperation among Japan's burgeoning new religions. The organization currently is composed of nearly seventy sects and churches.

-- Dec 1, 1992, INOUE Nobutaka

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