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Board Meets for Shinto Association


According to the February 15 issue of the Weekly Jinja Shinpo, the Board of Directors for Japan's Association of Shinto Shrines met on February 5 in Tokyo and deliberated on a number of issues, including the Association's response to the upcoming wedding of Japan's Crown Prince, as well the Association's budget for fiscal 1993.

In other matters, the Board reported five issues which had been passed after submission by the Association's trustee council last year. The resolutions included (1) a strong demand that the Japanese government cancel the scheduled visit of the emperor to China; (2) active promotion of pilgrimage to the Grand Shrine of Ise by all the people of Japan, particularly by young people, in conjunction with the upcoming 61st Regular Removal of the shrine; (3) promotion of a movement to regularize official government visits to the Yasukuni Shrine and to support and make explicit the Association's original stance on the issue; (4) stimulation of public opinion toward an autonomous revision of the present Japanese Constitution; (5) a decision to study comprehensive revisions to the current system of training Shinto priests.

The paper also reported that the Association's budget for the coming year will total about 1,378,OOO,OOO yen an increase of 14 million yen over the budget for the current fiscal year.

-- Apr 1, 1993, Norman HAVENS

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