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In April 1994, the Institute of Japanese Studies was established as a unit of the Hallym Academy of Sciences at Hallym University. The Institute's objective is to promote a "correct understanding of Japan" on the widest possible level. Professor Chi Myong-kwan, formerly of Tokyo Women's University, has been installed as the Institute's first director. On November 3rd and 4th, 1995, the Institute marked its opening with an anniversary symposium entitled "East Asian Peace and the Search to Establish a Japan/Korea Cooperative Structure in the New Century." A keynote address was given by Reischauer Institute Director Helen Hardacre on the topic, "Japan Studies in East Asia." Symposium participants included a wide variety of business media and academic leaders from South Korea and Japan. And the event was praised for providing a forum of discussion for researchers on Japan from throughout South Korea.

The projects planned for this year include continuation of the Japan Research Library Series begun in 1995, continuation of the cooperative research program "Research Concerning the Formation of Self in intellectuals of Early Modern Japan and Korea," also begun in 1995, and a new program, the publication of Nihongaku Jaanaru (Japan Research Journal), as well as the first issue of a new seasonal journal Shiso to shisoshi (tentative title: Thought and Intellectual History). The Japan Research Library Series will publish writings by Japanese about Japanese culture and society in Korean translation to make the works as widely available as possible. The second research project investigates Korean intellectuals in the early modern period who were able to learn from Japan how to form a cultural identity despite the complicated situation with Japan at that time. This research will include the areas of literature, religion, ethnic customs, art, history and sociology. In 1995 there were already six Korean researchers who produced reports in this area.

The Japan Research Journal is slated to carry articles about Japan from not only Korea but other countries as well, in Korean, Japanese and English versions. The first issue was published in June 1996.

-- Apr 1, 1998, CHI Myong-kwan

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