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Symposium: Globalization and Indigenous Culture, January 10-12, 1996


Kokugakuin University's Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics celebrated its 40th anniversary by the holding of an international memorial symposium entitled Globalization and Indigenous Culture from January 10 to 12, 1996. The first day of the symposium was dedicated to two public keynote addresses, delivered at Kokugakuin University's Centennial Memorial Hall by ISOMURA Hisanori (former NHK journalist; currently Professor, Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, Kokugakuin University), and KIM Yong-Un (Professor, Han'-yang University, South Korea). Isomura spoke on the topic of "Cultural Identity in Europe," while Kim addressed the issue of "The Sino-Korean-Japanese Cultural Prototype and its Prospects."

On January 11, the symposium's venue moved to the International House of Japan, where an "Asia Session" was held, moderated by ABE Yoshiya (Professor, Kokugakuin University) and composed of the following three theme presentations: "The 'Information Age' and the Globalization of Religion," delivered by INOUE Nobutaka (Professor, Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, and co-editor of this Newsletter); "Preserving Taiwan's Indigenous Languages and Cultures: A Review in Sociolinguistic Perspective," by TSAO Feng-Fu (Professor, Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan); and "Global Culture and Its Effects on the Malay Family and Community," by CHEU Hock-Tong (Senior Lecturer, Malay Studies Department, National University of Singapore).

In response to the three theme presentations, comments and questions were issued by discussants Leslie E. BAUZON (Professor, University of the Philippines, currently Visiting Professor, University of Tsukuba); and ONOZAWA Masaki (Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba).

The third and final day of the symposium was dedicated to a "Europe Session," moderated by CHIBA Akihiro (Director, Institute of Education, International Christian University) and featuring the theme presentations "Religion in Modern Europe: Pertinence of Globalization Theories?" by Lilian VOYE (Professeur, Université Catholique de Louvain); "The Plurilingual European Tradition as a Challenge to Globalization" by Jeanne PEIFFER (Chargé de Recherche du CNRS); and "Globalization, Families, and Communities in Europe" by Olivier DOLLFUS (Professeur, Université de Paris).

[Unfortunately, Professor Dollfus became ill in December and was unable to attend the Symposium in person; his theme presentation was read in his absence by ISOMURA Hisanori.]

These presentations were commented on by the discussants Roland ROBERTSON (Professor, University of Pittsburg) and NISHIGAKI Tôru (Professor, Meiji University).

Following each day's presentations and comments, the floor was opened for discussion, comments, and questions from approximately sixty registered symposium attendees. Plans are currently being made to publish the proceedings of the symposium, including keynote addresses, theme presentations, discussants' comments, and selected floor questions, some time in 1996.

-- Jan 1, 1996, Norman HAVENS

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