Globalization and Indigenous Culture
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Contributors' Profiles

ABE Yoshiya
Professor and Director, Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, Kokugakuin University. Religious Studies. Author of Hikaku shûkyôgaku [A Compartive Study of Religions]; Shûkyôgaku wo manabu [An Approach to the Religious Studies]; Seikyô-bunri [Separation of Church and State], and others.
Leslie E. Bauzon
Professor, University of the Philippines, Visiting Professor at University of Tsukuba. Southeast Asian History. Editor of In Search of Historical Truth, and A Comparative Study of Peasant Unrest in Southeast Asia. Author of Deficit Government: Mexico and the Philippine Situado, 1606-1804, and others.
CHEU Hock Tong
Senior Lecturer at Malay Studies Department at National University of Singapore. Sociology. Author of Chinese Beliefs and Practices in Southeast Asia, The Nine Emperor Gods: A Study of Chinese Spirit-Medium Cults, and others.
Professor, l'Université de Paris VII. Geography. Author of l'Espace Monde, La nouvelle carte du Monde, "l'analyse et les systèmes en géographie" in L'espace géographique; l'analyse géographique, and others.
INOUE Nobutaka
Professor at the Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics at Kokugakuin University. Religious Studies. General Editor, Contemporary Papers on Japanese Religion (3 vols); author, Shin-shûkyô no Kaidoku [The Interpretation of New Religions], co-editor, Shintôjiten [Encyclopedia of Shinto], and others.
Lecturer at Kokugakuin University. Japanese Folklore. Translator and Contributor, Matsuri; New Religions; and Folk Beliefs in Modern Japan; and others.
ISOMURA Hisanori
Director, Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris. Journalist. Author, Burônyu no mori kara [From the Boulogne Forest]; Sekai no naka no Nihon [Japan in the World], Konome de mita Tôou [Eastern Europe through These Eyes], and others.
Junior Lecturer, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Religious Studies. Contributor, Shûkyôgaku wo manabu [An Approach to Religious Studies], Toshi to Bunmei [City and Civilization], and others.
KIM Yong-Woon
Professor, Han-Yang University. Mathematics. Author, Kankoku sûgakushi [History of Korean mathematics]; Kankokujin to Nihonjin [The Japanese and the Korean]; Sakoku no "pan-"paradaimu ["Pan-'Paradigm of a closed country]; and others.
Professor, University of Tôkyô. Information Science. Author, Seinaru bâcharu riariti [Sacred virtual reality]; Shikô-kikai [The thinking machine]; Maruchi Media [Multimedia]; and others.
Professor, Univesity of Tsukuba. Anthropology. Editor, Ajia Dokuhon [A Reader in Asia]; co-editor, Continuity and Change in Overseas Chinese Communities inthe Pan-Pacific Area; "Religious Syncretism in Thailand" (Bunka jinruigaku, November, 1995); and others.
Chargé de recherche du CNRS. History of Mathematics. Author of Une histoire des mathématiques, Routes et dédales, and Der Briefwechsel von Johann Bernoulli. vol.2-3. Translator of Albrecht Dürer's Géomètre.
Professor, University of Pittsburg. Sociology of Religion. Author, The Sociological Interpretation of Religion, Globalization, Global Modernities, Religion and Global Order, The Sociology of Religion, and others.
SASAO Michiyo
Junior Lecturer, University of Tsukuba. Religious Studies. Author, "Mesoamerika no reki-taikei no kaishaku" [The primordial and religious meaning of the Meso-American calendrical system], (in Shûkyô kenkyû, no. 302 [December, 1994]. "Rekishiteki jikan ni okeru shinwa to shinwa-teki jikan ni okeru rekishi" [Myth in the time of history and history in mystic time] (in Tsukuba chiiki-kenkyû), and others.
TSAO Feng-Fu
Professor, Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University. Linguistics. Author, A Functional Study of Topic in Chinese: The First Step Towards Discourse Analysis, Sentence and Clause Structure in Chinese, A Functional Perspective, Explorations in Applied Linguistics: Verb Classification in Mandarin and Taiwanese; and others.
Liliane VOYÉ
Professor, l'Université Catholique de Louvain. Sociology of Religion. Author, Popular Religion, Belgium and its Gods, From Catholicism to Christian Culture, and others.

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