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Japanese College Students' Attitudes Towards Religion




1. Purpose of Survey 2
   1. Diverse Views about young people and religion 2
   2. The student surveys 5
2. Survey outline and respondent attributes 7
   1. Itemization of respondents 7
   2. Basic policies for selecting 13
3. The spread of negative images of religion:
    The deep mistrust of religious organizations and religious systems 17
   1. Low levels of belief in religion 17
   2. Forms of interest in religion 25
   3. Respondents' evaluation of religion 29
   4. Respondents' evaluation of religious organizations 33
   5. Belief in gods or Buddhas 40
4. The relatively stable continuity of folk religion 48
   1. Relationships to folk-religious 48
   2. Interest in divination and fortune telling 59
5. Varying levels of confidence in religious subculture 76
6. Concluding Remarks 91
Survey Forms 107

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