Glossary of Shinto Names and Terms: W

Wakahirume ワカヒルメ (紀: 稚日女尊)


A kami appearing in the Nihon shoki and believed to be either the daughter or sister of Amaterasu. The myth relates that she became frightened and died of a self-inflicted wound when Susanoo threw a skinned horse into her weaving hall.


Wakumusubi no kami (alt. Wakamusubi no kami) ワク (カ) ムスヒ (記: 和久産巣日神、紀: 稚産霊)



A kami associated with abundant harvests in the myths of Kiki.


Watanabe Ikarimaru 渡辺重石丸


(1836-1915). A Shintô priest and scholar of National Learning during the late Tokugawa and early Meiji periods. Within National Learning and in the Mito feudal domain his school of thought was aligned with the Mito School. He received training at the Hirata Juku. He was an author, public speaker, and educator.


Watatsumi ワタツミ (記: 綿津見〔大〕神、海神、紀: 少童命、海神)


A kami which rules over the sea in the myths of the Kiki.