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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on: November 17, 2004.

General Questions

About IJCC

  1. Who established IJCC, when and why?

    (A) See "History" page.

  2. What areas of research do IJCC members study?

    (A) See "Research Areas and Plans" page.

  3. How are the results of research published?

    (A) See "Publications" page.

  4. Who are members of the IJCC staff?

    (A) See "Staff" page.

  5. What periodicals are published by IJCC?

    (A) IJCC publishes Kokugakuin Daigaku Nihon Bunka Kenkyûsho Kiyô (Transactions of the Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics) (twice a year) and Kokugakuin Daigaku Nihon Bunka Kenkyûsho-hô (six times a year).

  6. Do you hold any public lectures or events?

    (A) IJCC hosts "Lectures on Japanese Culture" (twice a year, each with 4 lectures), "Public Academic Lectures" (twice a year), and "Public Symposia" (every other year). Unless otherwise noted, all these events are offered in Japanese language only. For the contents of past lectures and symposia, see "Lectures on Japanese Culture" and "Public Lectures and Symposia" page. For the future lectures, see "News" page.

  7. Where is IJCC located and how do I get there?

    (A) IJCC's address can be found on the top page. (It is the same as Kokugakuin University's.) From Shibuya station, take bus GAKU 03 (on the east side of the station) and get off at the "Kokugakuin Daigaku-mae" bus stop. IJCC is located on the sixth floor of the Tokiwamatsu 2-gô kan building.

About Our Website

  1. What information do you publish through the Internet?

    (A) Two kinds of information are provided here: one is our general introduction, the other is our "Online Resources" part, which represent academic works offered online. For the entire contents, see the top page.

  2. Can I have my home page linked to IJCC website?

    (A) You may link to our site freely.

Detailed Questions

  1. How can I purchase the books introduced in the Publications page?

    (A) Available publications can be purchased as described in the "Publications" page.

  2. How can I obtain the published papers described in this website?

    (A) First, visit your nearest library to see if it has the book or journal in which the paper is published. If not, please access other libraries as recommended by your librarian. We do not provide copy service for materials described in this website.

Unanswerable Questions

  1. I have a question about Japanese culture. Can you tell me the answer?

    (A) The Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics is an academic resesarch institution, and our members are unfortunately too busy to provide personal responses to questions of this sort. Try to find the answer to your question by gathering data or references yourself. We will be pleased if our website or publications serve as a hint.

  2. I want to contact a certain member of the IJCC. Please tell me his/her E-mail address.

    (A) First, consider whether the matter is academic in nature and an appropriate issue to bring up directly with the individual. If the member has a public E-mail address, it can be found on the "Staff" page. We cannot provide any further personal information about our staff. Also, please do not attempt to contact staff members by sending messages using the inquiry form.

  3. I have found a certain paper at your website, but only its title is described, and I cannot read the text. Can you send it to me?

    (A) See Question 11.

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